There’s added value in your waste

Fry Fresh has a locally employed team of used edible oil recovery and food recycling specialists.

Our edible oil recovery and food recycling services produces valuable resources, which are then converted into green solutions such as renewable energy. We believe this is a vital role in the worldwide commitment to building a sustainable future, and business. We can take care of the whole process from delivery, collection, oil recovery and recycling. By doing so means we’re able to produce a streamlined and effortless product.

We want to help you rid of waste cooking oil. With our cooking oil recovery services, there’s no worry on your part about how to store or dispose of it safely. As an authorised oil recovery and recycling collector, we’ll dispose of it legally and ethically.

There’s is nothing we can’t use​

We’re not only concerned with other’s waste but our own too. We’ve made it our aim to reuse everything that we produce as an ethical edible cooking oil supplier.

That’s why in house, we crush down used packaging for recycling, invest in greener transportation ways to collect our rainwater and put it to good use!

We’re always striving for better.

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